Graduate Students

Nida Janulaitis




Evan Komp

Northwest born, I thrive in the outdoors - you can find me hiking, climbing, camping, hunting, and fishing. I also love to create! Pottery, cooking, baking, crochet, you name it!
Here in the lab, I am concerned with leveraging machine learning to predict kinetic parameters allowing for speedy design of gas phase systems such as carbon capture in flue gas or precursor in chemical vapor manufacturing techniques. I am super excited to develop tools bringing the informatics of data science to kinetics design and to drive the community in terms of minimizing waste and energy use.



Brenden Pelkie

I completed my undergraduate degrees in Chemical Engineering and Applied Mathematics at Montana State University. While I’m an engineer at heart, a modeling-focused undergraduate research project and interest in better understanding the theory behind the engineering models I saw in classes led me to pursue a second degree in Applied Math. In my PhD, I hope to draw from both of these backgrounds to apply computational methods and data science to pressing problems in engineering. Like most MSU alumni, I prefer to spend my free time exploring mountainous regions on skis, a bike, or on foot.



Undergraduate Students

Ali Mahmoud

Sophomore - UW

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